Industry Trends

Based on years of technical refinement and experience accumulation in the AI field and relying on the new generation of AI infrastructure SenseCore, SenseTime's Smart City and Commerce solutions are designed to build a smart city brain covering all walks of life, helping to make the city, economy, society, and other aspects more intelligent, and realizing a smart society.

Industry trends

Smart City, as the core carrier for building Digital China and a smart society, is a new urban governance concept and construction model that uses new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to promote smart urban management services. China's smart city construction has entered a new stage, changing the previous construction mode of decentralized promotion and separate implementation, and paying more attention to intensive and integrated construction. With such innovations, the effective release of the value of city-level digital assets is expected to get a breakthrough. Therefore, building a “smart city brain” with city-level AI capabilities also becomes the core of smart city and commerce construction, and the “smart city brain” will provide the core strength for the digital integration of smart cities.

In addition, with the evolution of smart city business, different customized requirements and long-tail requirements are constantly emerging, and the flexibility requirements for smart city and commercial business are also gradually increasing. Therefore, the automatic learning and iteration capability of the smart city platform will become one of the core capabilities in the future. To this end, a new generation of smart city and commerce solutions that combine the integrated smart city brain, automatic learning and iteration, city-level data governance, and multi-service support capabilities is an important requirement for smart city construction.

Solution Superiority
Solution Architecture

1 core: taking the smart city brain as the core capability, escort the business scenarios of Smart City and Commerce based on the new-generation artificial intelligence infrastructure SenseCore.

2 platforms: Taking the Smart Middle Platform for Urban Operations and the Smart Middle Platform for Urban Services as the business hubs of digital urban operations, build a future-oriented urban management platform.

3 major areas: Spanning the three major areas of smart city, smart economy, and smart society, jointly build N application scenarios of joint urban agent: relying on SenseCore and driven by business scenarios, focus on the three major areas to serve thousands of families and empower various industries.

Solution Architecture
Application Scenarios
Provide rich instance types for various enterprise application scenarios
  • 01Smart City
  • 02Smart Park
  • 03Smart Community
  • 04Intelligent Manufacturing
Smart City
Smart City

Focusing on the dimensions of “coordinated management of AI capabilities”, “comprehensive display of AI construction achievements”, and “deep mining of AIvalue”, build an urban AI system with unified standards, unified services, unified scheduling, and hierarchical levels to provide full services for people's livelihood, urban governance, and industrial innovation, and promote the society to move towards intelligence.

Smart Park
Smart Park

To meet the goal of intelligent operation services in industrial parks, use intelligent visual analysis technologies to introduce AI algorithms into various activity scenarios in the parks, and combine end, edge, and cloud technologies to achieve refined management, convenient service, safe production, and operational visualization in the parks.

Smart Community
Smart Community

Take serving the people as the foundation, combine the reality of the community, give full play to the key role of model innovation in strengthening and improving community governance, service, and management, and focus on the goal of “convenient government services, intelligent public services, efficient community governance, and intelligent public security” to improve the level of community governance and promote innovation in community service and management supported by the comprehensive smart community service system and relying on moderately leading infrastructure construction.

Intelligent Manufacturing
Intelligent Manufacturing

Through intelligent detection, measurement, and identification, address the safety and efficiency concerns in production, transportation, operation, and other links of various industries, empower Chinese manufacturing, and contribute to the full-round construction of a digital China.

Core Products
  • Cloud Computing Power Service for New-generation AI Infrastructure
    Cloud Computing Power Service for New-generation AI Infrastructure

    Provide basic computing power services required to support smart city solutions, including GPU and CPU computing power services, integrated storage services, high-performance network services, etc., to accelerate the implementation of smart city scenarios.

  • AI Model Production Platform
    SenseParrots Enterprise
    AI Model Production Platform

    Provide an industrial-level AI R&D platform integrating professional AI tool chains and open AIalgorithms to realize end-to-end AI R&D services from training to inference based on SenseTime's rich practical experience in the industry, thus meeting the business needs of R&D personnel in all links of model production.

  • SenseFoundry-Enterprise Platform
    SenseFoundry Enterprise
    SenseFoundry-Enterprise Platform

    Provide a variety of rich and high-precision AI algorithms and applications required by enterprises, and complete capability support for the global perception, analysis, and decision-making of enterprise digitalization, connect the physical and digital worlds, streamline online and offline closed loops, and quickly empower enterprise business intelligence.

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