Industry Trends

In the next decade, deep learning is destined to have a revolutionary influence on natural science. The emergence of AlphaFold2 has proved the feasibility of AI-assisted scientific research. Staying in the long run, SenseCore scientific research solutions will fully reflect SenseTime's superior capabilities in the research field, and provide comprehensive integrated solutions in aspects of computing power, algorithms, tools, and joint research in cooperation with scientific research institutions.

Industry trends

With the explosive growth of data and continuous breakthroughs in models, algorithms, and computing power, there is no doubt that AI has become an indispensable production tool in scientific research.Traditional scientific research institutions are silked in data production, data observation, and scientific experiment analysis. The emergence of AlphaFold2 opens up new research methods for scientific exploration. However, in the face of massive data analysis, high model memory requirements, cumbersome data processing, complex control compilation, high computing power costs, etc., it is very challenging for traditional scientific research institutions to use AI tools.

Solution Superiority
Solution Architecture

SenseCore comprehensively builds AI for Science solutions from three aspects: supercomputing power, tool chain, and joint research.

The computing power service for scientific research solutions is provided by the SenseCore computing power service platform, and SenseTime will provide fully AI-native infrastructure services.

Scientific research institutions often derive scientific research data from high-resolution electron microscopes, electronic detectors, and other scientific research equipment or data sources such as biomolecular big data platforms. The AI data service platform provided by SenseCore can be used to perform version control, data annotation, and other operations on scientific research data.

Through the SenseCore AI developer tool, whether you are a scientific research scholar or a model researcher, you can find a model development tool adapted to your usage habits.

For scientific research and innovation customers in different industries, SenseTime can conduct collaborative research with them to jointly explore the possibility of future-oriented AI applications.

Solution Architecture
Application Scenarios
Provide rich instance types for various enterprise application scenarios
  • 01Biopharmacy
  • 02Materials and Chemicals
  • 03Environmental Protection

Apply AI technologies to antibody discovery, so as to improve the efficiency of antibody transformation processes such as antibody humanization and affinity maturation. Through structural modeling, target discovery, binding affinity evaluation, antibody drug design, and other processes, complete AI-assisted drug development and design.

Materials and Chemicals
Materials and Chemicals

Through molecular simulation, molecular constitution, and performance prediction, solve value problems and transform the material R&D process.

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

The development and utilization of green energy is the main direction of energy development in the world today. AI technologies can be used in the research of new green energies, the rapid iteration of lithium battery electrolytes, etc.

Core Products
  • Computing Power Service Platform
    SenseCore AI
    Computing Power Service Platform

    Provide basic computing power services of various specifications, including GPU and CPU computing power services, integrated storage services, high-performance network services, etc.

  • Data Service Platform
    SenseCore AI
    Data Service Platform

    Provide basic computing power supportingAI data services, and one-stop AI-native data management services such as data collection, ETL, and annotation for customers.

  • SenseCore SPE cloud
    SenseCore SPE cloud
    SenseCore SPE cloud

    SPE cloud provides algorithm libraries, model libraries, AI training visualization, low-code modeling, notebook, and other developer tools.

  • Joint Research
    SenseCore AI
    Joint Research

    Provide SenseTime's professional joint research capabilities for researchers. Scientific research institutions provide scientific research data and business experts, while SenseTime can provide research capabilities such as model building and tool refinement. The two parties jointly explore new fields and share research results.

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