Inclusive, Flexible, and Open Products and Services
Products specially developed for the complicated and volatile AI environment, exploring endless possibilities.
  • AI Cloud Foundation
  • AI Data Service
  • AI Development Platform
  • Developer Tools
Bare Metal Server

Dedicated high-performance physical server, 8-GPU NVIDIA A800 at your fingertips.

High-performance AI Compute Pool
New Products

Provide enterprise-level AI computing services and data center-level AI compute pools, greatly improving the work efficiency of algorithm engineers.

Cloud Container Instance
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Ensure secure, reliable, and simple operation of dedicated containers, and one-click deployment of different instances.

Virtual Private Cloud

Create your efficiently isolated and absolutely private cloud space.

Elastic IP

Realize communication between instances in your VPC and the Internet to complete your privatization deployment.

AI Cache Service

Provide storage cache acceleration, support Posix and CS interfaces, cache hot-spot files from storages, and deliver high-performance and high-throughput data access service.

AI File Storage

A parallel file storage system optimized for AI-based high-performance computing scenarios, providing high IOPS, high throughput, low latency, and high scalability.

AI Object Storage Service

Provide massive, secure, low-cost, and highly reliable object storage services for AI scenarios.

AI Data Service
New Products

For massive training data, it provides an open, easy-to-use and efficient AI DataHub (Git for AI Data) to serve the demands of AI developers' data management and enterprise asset management.

AI Cloud Lab

Provide professional and flexible cloud-native AI development tools, linking all processes of AI R&D.

AI Model Platform

A scientific and systematic enterprise-level model platform. It provides a new development paradigm for large models,which connects the upstream and downstream sub-products of SenseCore, covering full-stack AI development scenarios from training, inference, deployment to application, assisting enterprises to effectively refine and share model assets internally, accelerating AI development efficiency, and provides an open algorithm library and more stable service guarantee.

AI Model Service

Relying on SenseTime's many years of experience in model inference, achieve high-performance, high-availability, and high-cost-efficiency inference services through excellent inference design.

Cloud Monitoring Service

Comprehensive cloud product resource monitoring platform, which is intended for guaranteeing the stable operation of various businesses.

SLURM Compatible CLI Tool

A command line tool that reduces migration costs for users who are familiar with SLURM, and facilitates the initiation and management of AI tasks.

Cloud Container Registry

A secure hosting platform that supports full lifecycle management of container images, providing easy-to-use and reliable imagemanagement functions.

Rich and Diverse Intelligent Solutions
Relying on SenseCore and SenseTime's expertise and experience accumulation, provide industry solutions for various scenarios
  • Artificial Intelligence Big Model
  • Smart City and Commerce
  • Autonomous Driving
  • AI + Scientific Research
  • AI + R&D
  • Metaverse
Smart City and Commerce
Smart City and Commerce

Based on years of technical refinement and cumulative experience in the field of AI, and relying on the new generation of AI infrastructure — SenseCore, SenseTime builds a smart city brain that covers all walks of life, helping to make the city, economy, society, and other aspects more intelligent, thereby realizing a smart society.

Autonomous Driving
Autonomous Driving

In the three major business directions of SenseAuto Cabin, SenseAuto Pilot, and SenseAuto Connect, SenseTime deeply explores the value of in-vehicle data and connects smart vehicles with SenseTime's smart industry ecosystem, thus realizing the symbiotic and win-win relationship with the automobile industry and ecosystem.

AI+Scientific Research
AI+Scientific Research

SenseTime works with scientific research institutions to provide a complete set of integrated solutions from computing power, algorithms, and tools to joint research, jointly exploring the possibility of future-oriented AI empowerment research.


SenseTime provides full-stack AI R&D services from underlying computing power resources to platform tool applications, and realizes consulting empowerment based on its own rich practical experience in the industry to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.


SenseTime is creating a virtual world which has a unified identity and a complete economic system, spans virtuality and reality, and lasts forever, and providing relevant computing power support and AI infrastructure services to realize the one-stop service of Metaverse.

Eco-innovation Cooperation
Integrate industries by region and support the development of SenseCore computing industry ecology in each region
Developer Eco-community
A technology learning and experience exchange platform to help developers grow
AI + Community
Create an AI computing technology ecosystem,
build a technology sharing community
Empower Industrial AI Upgrades

Significantly reduce the cost of artificial intelligence production factors, improve the production efficiency of artificial intelligence, realize the production and implementation of artificial intelligence in an automated and adaptive manner, fully implement the intelligentization of enterprise services, urban management, and personal life, and promote artificial intelligence into the stage of industrial development.

  • Accelerate large-scale implementation

    Accelerate the large-scale implementation of artificial intelligence and reduce the production cost of algorithm models.

  • Solve long-tail application problems

    Comprehensively solve long-tail application problems in urban management, corporate service, and personal life, and streamline the closed-loop management of business value .

  • Create a new business model

    Structure unstructured data and establish a digital search engine based on physical space to create a new business model.

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