Industry Trends

Since its release at the end of November 2022, ChatGPT, a large language model chatbot application launched by OpenAI, has rapidly aroused widespread attention worldwide.As a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), SenseTime has accumulated years of expertise in large models.SenseCore, a new generation of AI infrastructure computing cloud services, provides a three-in-one solution consisting of cloud-native AI infrastructure, an AI development platform, and AI expert services.With SenseCore as its core, our big model will completely change the development paradigm of AI and even the software industry, resulting in a profound impact to the business model, product design, and user experience of numerous industries in the future.SenseCore supports industries through its rich large model capacity, and empowers ecological cooperation to build a large model ecology that permeates the industry, both upstream and downstream.

Industry Trends

Solution Superiority
Solution Architecture
Solution Architecture
Application Scenarios
Provide rich instance types for various enterprise application scenarios
  • 01SenseAuto Pilot
  • 02Biomedicine
  • 03Intelligent Q&A System
SenseAuto Pilot
SenseAuto Pilot

⁃ Automatic annotation: 422% faster annotation
⁃ Hard Case mining: quickly solve the long-tail problem of autonomous driving
⁃ Small model production: low storage, high accuracy
⁃ Autonomous driving simulation: improve iteration speed and reduce cost


Large protein models are widely used in AI pharmaceuticals, AI biosynthesis and other fields. SenseTime cooperated with top biotech manufacturers in the industry to carry out antibody 3D structure feature extraction using the big model and antibody affinity prediction based on structure features, which led to a 60% improvement in experiment efficiency.

Intelligent Q&A System
Intelligent Q&A System

⁃ Digital human: professional explanation of financial knowledge, intelligent recommendation of financial products, and patient reply to business processes
⁃ SenseAuto Cabin: visual + voice + text emotion recognition, accurate judgment of the driver emotions
⁃ Intelligent recruitment: quick screening of talent, intelligent sorting of resumes combined with interview feedback

Core Products
  • Computing Power Service Platform
    Computing Power Service Platform

    Provide basic computing power services of various specifications, including GPU and CPU computing power services, integrated storage services, high-performance network services, etc.

  • Data Compliance Platform
    Data Compliance Platform

    Include multi-faceted security services such as host machines, network layers, container layers, application layers, and data asset layers.

  • AI Model Production Platform
    AI Model Production Platform

    Provide an industrial-level AI R&D platform integrating professional AI tool chains and open AIalgorithms to realize end-to-end AI R&D services from training to inference.

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