Industry Trends

SenseTime's Metaverse solutions aim to create a virtual world with a unified identity and a complete economic system, spanning virtuality and reality, and lasting forever, and provide supporting computing power support and AI infrastructure services to realize the one-stop service of Metaverse.

Industry trends

As the core technology of a new round of interactive revolution, Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies and combines both virtuality and reality. Metaverse, as a new form of interactive integration between the virtual world and the real world, contains huge opportunities for changes in finance, cultural tourism, marketing, and other scenarios, and has the possibility of transforming the existing digital industry. It is estimated that by 2030, the global metaverse market size will reach USD 1.5 trillion.

To realize the metaverse that exists parallel to the real world, high-speed communication networks, immersive VR/AR terminals, and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are needed for support. And behind all these new technologies, there is a common foundation — the support of super computing power. Therefore, it can also be said that the metaverse is actually a digital universe, and computing power + high-speed network connection capabilities are the bases for supporting the operation of the metaverse.

Solution Superiority
Solution Architecture

Relying on SenseTime's powerful computing power, AI technology capabilities, and data service capabilities, SenseTime's Metaverse platform provides metaverse solutions for different application scenarios based on the digital human image production line and the metaverse construction capabilities.

Solution Architecture
Application Scenarios
Provide rich instance types for various enterprise application scenarios
  • 01Banking Outlets
  • 02Smart Cultural Tourism
  • 03Brand Marketing
  • 04SenseAuto Cabin
Banking Outlets
Banking Outlets

The lifelike AI digital human lobby manager helps handle bank customers' various business consultation and service requests, which can not only create more business promotion opportunities for banks, but also open a “new window” for banks to serve offline customers.

Smart Cultural Tourism
Smart Cultural Tourism

The AI digital human guide can provide vivid interpretations and greetings for scenic spots and exhibition halls in a fully realistic and anthropomorphic image, and restore historical scenes with AR technology to realize a new experience of “smart travel”.

Brand Marketing
Brand Marketing

The brand creates its own virtual spokesperson according to its tonality, which can not only act as a virtual host of an event, but also sell goods via livestream 24 hours a day, interact with users “face-to-face”, and answer brand-related questions.

SenseAuto Cabin
SenseAuto Cabin

Support car owners to customize their smart cabin assistants according to their preferences, which can not only broadcast information as a driving assistant, but also entertain and interact with passengers as a car companion to let the passengers experience better companionship.

Core Products
  • Platform

    The SenseMars platform provides customers with one-stop services for digital human construction including digital humans, virtual avatars (digital identities), and digital reconstruction capabilities.

  • Computing Power Service Platform
    Computing Power Service Platform

    Provide basic computing power services of various specifications for the metaverse, including GPU and CPU computing power services, integrated storage services, high-performance network services, etc.

  • Data Compliance Platform
    Data Compliance Platform

    Provide data compliance and management services supporting basic computing power, and one-stop AI-native data services such as data collection, ETL, training, simulation, compliance, security, and governance for customers.

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