SenseTime Builds Future Communities with “Three Major AI Tools” and Helps Implement Zhejiang’s First Digital-Society Full-scenario Future Community
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Released on2022-03-29 11:33:36
“Let science and technology serve humanity”, in Zhejiang’s first implemented digital-society full-scenario future community - Guali Qicai Future Community, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, SenseTime AI has handed in a satisfactory answer sheet with such a design concept.

“Let science and technology serve humanity”, in Zhejiang’s first implemented digital-society full-scenario future community - Guali Qicai Future Community, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, SenseTime AI has handed in a satisfactory answer sheet with such a design concept.

What innovative experiences will community intelligence bring?

Picture of Real Scene In Guali Qicai Future Community in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City

SenseTime and Zhijiang Qicaiyun Group work together , to maximize their cutting-edge advantages in global artificial intelligence and community operation-maintenance integration, and promote the digital intelligence construction of the future community through the combination of new construction and transformation. Under the background of China Community 3.0, both party will build the Qicai Future Community into a comprehensive and modern community that meets the future development of the city and the integrated needs of residents’ study, work, and life.

What carry the “AI digital intelligence” management capability are SenseCore-based Digital Twin, Technological Property, and Point Service , which act as the three major tools to comprehensively reduce costs, improve productivity, and maintain green and low-carbon operation, thus significantly enhancing the operation-maintenance efficiency of the community and the well-being of the residents.

This set of “Zhijiang Qicaiyun Digital Community Operation and Maintenance Platform” based on AI covers all aspects of on-line and off-line life at G-end (government), B-end (business subject), and C-end (civilian) of the community, and has become a representative model for digital operation and maintenance of future communities in China.

Digital twin creates a future community cockpit

The operation and maintenance platform is ready 24 hours a day, and allows users to open it at any time to view the latest news in the whole digital community interface.

From temperature, humidity, and air quality to the number of remaining available parking stalls in the parking lot, it allows users to get the information in real time. When an abnormal event occurs, it will also automatically pop up a prompt, lock the corresponding position, review the playback video, and grasp the task processing progress.

This is “digital twin”, which acts like a “future community cockpit” and achieves the seamless shift between the digital interface and the real environment.

Digital twin integrates space, time, people, things, assets, and other information in a centralized way, breaks the data island, and maps them to a unified digital interface, bringing a comprehensive visual, analyzable, and schedulable management model.

By connecting the “nine major scenarios” of the future community, the digital twin platform establishes a unified data link for the community operation to achieve efficient data collection, data supervision, data analysis, and data loop closure. It makes any community condition of traceable and evidence-based.

Technological property transforms passive response into active management

The system “beeps” to prompt that a vehicle has stopped at the fire passage, and the on-duty personnel immediately receive the information reminder automatically sent by the system. After a few minutes, they arrive at the site to check and handle, eliminate the potential safety hazard, and unblock the “life passage”.

Based on the digital twin platform, SenseTime has built a technological property operation platform for the Qicai Future Community, and integrated a large number of long-tail AI algorithms, thus transforming “post-event response” of various events into “pre-event prediction”. Technological property promotes the intelligence of public services and people-oriented convenient and beneficial services.

The platform connects the closed-loop capabilities of perception, analysis, decision-making, and scheduling, helps realize the zoning and intensive management of property, improves the operation efficiency, reduces the operation cost, and ensures the service quality.

Against uncivilized phenomena such as illegal parking in fire passages, congestion of entrances and exits, electromobile storage in unit buildings, open fire and smoke, and overflowing garbage, the digital intelligence management uses AI algorithms to conduct structural analysis over scene elements such as people, vehicles, and objects, and automatically perceive, recognize, and understand scene events, so as to take the initiative to pre-alarm and achieve the agile governance of “early detection, early research, and early response”.

Combined with the perfect cooperation of robotic off-line patrol and manual on-line review, the digital intelligence management can significantly improve the efficiency of work while reducing property management costs, leaving no dead space for community property management and emergency handling, and improving the owner’s satisfaction.

Point service activates the humanistic atmosphere with “immersive going home”

After finishing the day’s work, you return to the community to participate in a public welfare activity, make friends, enjoy themselves, and earn points. In the evening, you exchange a coupon for a restaurant in the “Hami Neighborhood Circle” applets of the Colorful Future Community, leave a post on the community forum to organize a party, and invite neighbors to have a happy time. What do you think of such a living atmosphere?

The fast-pace urban life should not make neighbors indifferent to each other. On the basis of the mobile residential service platform, SenseTime has built a unified point system for the Qicai Future Community, and created future neighborhood scenarios where “close neighbors are more helpful than distant relatives”.

Through the unified community point system built by the “Zhijiang Qicaiyun” Digital Community Operation and Maintenance Platform, SenseTime and Zhijiang Qicaiyun Group have timely summarized and innovated the experience in off-line community operation, connected life scenarios such as community business, learning public welfare, sports health, and government governance, sparkled a humanistic neighborhood atmosphere, improved the community business stickiness, and realized the ecological closed-loop of community resident services.

Schematic Diagram of Point System in Qicai Future Community

Each resident can generate points through public welfare, outing, sports, and so on, and then exchange a variety of goods in the point mall. The establishment of the point system has not only brought more intimate social experience, but also effectively improved the ice-breaking social efficiency of the community neighborhood and the enthusiasm of residents.

The trinity of “Digital Twin, Technological Property, and Point Service” is the first innovation attempt by the technical expert SenseTime plus the industrial expert Zhijiang Qicaiyun Group in the field of community “digitalization + operation”. It has successfully created future community scenarios with “zero-distance high-quality life”, comprehensively covering the 24-hour living needs of community residents, improving service capability and service efficiency, and reducing service costs.

In the future, SenseTime will continue to deepen the application of “AI + Future Community”, take the AI base as the innovative carrier, further empower the nine major scenarios of the future community, continuously enhance digital and intelligent capabilities, and create a new urban functional unit with a sense of belonging, comfort, and future.